Luxury UK 1:1 Replica Rolex Space-Dweller Watches Touches Down In Mayfair

Rolex Space-Dweller replica watches for sale have a bit of a bad rap. A combination of them being so rare — around 13 are thought to exist today — and so desirable, has led to many false leads to what is considered a grail watch for many.

The Space-Dweller is, at heart, best fake Rolex Explorer ref. 1016 watches with a modified dial.

Its original can be traced back to 1963 when John Glenn, the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth, was in Japan on NASA business, but found his name associated with an effort by UK top Rolex copy watches to test the Japanese market for a watch exploring new frontiers.

The cheap Rolex replica watches is thought to have been part of a broader effort by Rolex to insert itself into 1960s space race at a time when Omega’s Speedmaster had been adopted as the US space programme’s official watch.

The last perfect super clone Rolex Space-Dweller watches to sell at auction was at a Phillips New York sale last year when it hammered for $190,500.

Remarkably, Swiss made replica Rolex Space-Dweller watches appeared at last year’s WatchPro Salon on the stand of pre-owned specialist Trilogy Jewellers.

And now another example has appeared, this time at Diamond Watches London, a secondary market trader based in Mayfair’s historic Burlington Arcade, and is available for a buy it now price of £125,000.

DWL founder, Danny Shahid, says the AAA online Rolex fake watches has the Explorer ref. 1016’s design with a black 3-6-9 dial, flat bezel, luminous hour markers and Mercedes hands.

“The “Space-Dweller” script reveals its identity as one of the most sought-after models that the Genevan Giants ever produced,” Mr Shahid insists.

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