The UK Best Online Rolex Batman GMT-Master II Fake Watches Is Still Hero Watches

Air travel used to be a thing of glamour and prestige, indeed if you were employed by PanAmerican Airlines in oh, let’s say, 1955, you might have even been given your very own Rolex GMT.

First launched in the ’50s as a luxury tool watch for PanAm pilots and crew to keep track as they hurtled across continents and time zones, the OG Rolex GMT featured a rotating bezel and a 24-hour hand that could, for the first time, simultaneously display two time zones. An instant hit, it was followed a few decades later by the perfect Rolex GMT-Master II replica watches in 1983, which built on the legacy of the original with a more reliable movement and three time zone functionality.

Over the years, the GMT II has become a deserving icon in the world of luxury UK fake Rolex watches collecting, with the model gaining particular traction thanks both to its sturdy, timeless style – a versatile 40mm that looks great on pretty much any wrist – and a host of fan-coined nicknames deployed as code for different colourways. The most notable is probably the ‘Pepsi’ (red and blue), along with the ‘root beer’ (black and brown), the ‘Sprite’ (green and black), the Kermit (all green), and a perennial hit, the legendary Rolex ‘Batman’ (a blue and black in-keeping with the original colour way of the caped crusader.

The Rolex Batman is a Rollie favourite for good reason. First launched back in 2013, it was the first ever cheap Swiss replica Rolex GMT-Master II watches that featured a two-tone ceramic dial, that instantly-recognisable black and blue on the case. While Rolex had deployed a Cerachrom (the company’s fancy in-house technique for creating ceramic) on single-colour black bezel GMTs, the GMT-Master II 116710BLNR Blue Back ushered in a new era of colourful and highly (highly) collectable AAA online copy Rolex sport watches. The technique used to achieve the colour requires adding black colouring onto a blue bezel made of porous ceramic, which is allegedly easier to achieve on a black and blue watch, but required more tinkering for the likes of the Pepsi.

Back before the Batman moniker stuck, some collectors and retailers referred to it as the ‘Bruiser’ or just the Blue Black. John Mayer was, as he tends to be in the watch collecting space, an early adopter and was often seen wearing it shredding on stage, adding to the workmanlike appeal of the top Rolex replica watches.

Other notable wearers include Batman himself, Ben Affleck, Tom Holland (despite being Spiderman), and Roger Federer who, despite being in possession of a Swiss treasure trove or high quality Rolex super clone watches, often favours the understated-but-strong style of a Batman.

“The pre-owned Rolex market has seen the Batman explode in popularity over the past few years,” says Paul Altieri, founder and CEO of Bob’s Watches. “The watch epitomises what makes Rolex so iconic – the combination of sporty and luxurious. With its black and blue ceramic bezel, stainless steel case, and blend of professional and dressy aesthetics, it’s versatile enough for daily wear while still feeling special as you get that classic diving watch look in a more eye-catching colour scheme.”

As with all things Rolex replica watches with Swiss movements, there was an element of controversy and discourse surrounding the launch of 2019 update that swapped out the robust Oyster bracelet for a ‘dressier’ Jubilee bracelet, along a new 3285 caliber that replaced the original 3186, plus a 70-hour-power reserve (compared to the 50 of the older edition). The 126710BLNR, sometimes referred to as the “Batgirl,” might have offended some enthusiasts, but there’s actually a lot of heritage in that jubilee bracelet, as the original ’50s GMT was seen as a dress watch for the skies, making the update a closer version of the globe-trotting original.

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