Life On The Left Side With The Cheap Fake Rolex GMT-Master II Sprite Watches UK Wholesale

Every year, there is a gradual crescendo of hype for Watches and Wonders, as it’s the time that all the major brands release their new wares and quietly usher out the pieces they wish to call time on. No brand creates as much speculation and drama leading up to the event as, of course, Rolex. From the Ph.D.-level theses to the simply outlandish, predictions run rife of what the crown plans to launch or, indeed, what they will cut from their line. Historically best Rolex replica watches are known for taking things steady regarding product evolution. Changes are introduced at a glacial pace, a millimetre change here and there, a dial colour maybe, usually over decades. As such, the brand had got itself into a position where it was seen as boring in a time when everything moves faster than ever.

Then, in 2022, Rolex batted away the critics and released something we’d never seen before, the UK top fake Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 126720TVNR watches: a left-handed (or destro) green and black GMT. As is now tradition, a drink had to be nominated for a nickname, and so, the Sprite was born. Here’s what it’s been like owning one.

From sob story to success

While lefties rejoiced that Rolex had finally made perfect replica Rolex watches for them, the general public response was incredibly mixed and remarkably emotional. From the confused to the downright disgusted, to the indifferent and the “you-can’t-get-one-anyways”, even today, almost two years later, the comments on social media are stirred with a clear love-it-or hate-it opinion. What’s interesting is that it seems to be getting more love recently. My immediate opinion? I had to have it. Come hell or high water, I was getting this watch.

I wanted it for a more unusual reason than most, due to a rather unfortunate motorcycle accident a few years back. Sadly I’d sustained permanent injuries that meant I am now unable to wear a watch on my left wrist. It doesn’t sound like much really, but trust me, training yourself into wearing high quality Rolex copy watches on your opposite-to-usual wrist permanently takes some getting used to. In a remarkable stroke of luck, it seemed my pity story had struck a chord with my AD, and the Swiss made Rolex replica watches was mine no more than three months later. Somewhat fortunately for me, I have the scars to prove it, so I probably wouldn’t try this one with your AD if you’re trying to get one.

Same same, but different

Almost two years later, the watch has barely left my wrist. It’s just as comfortable as any other Rolex GMT-Master on an Oyster bracelet, and when worn on your right wrist, you soon get used to the back-to-front dial layout which caused such a stir when it was released. The date window is positioned at 9 o’clock as opposed to 3 like the rest of the range, and I can understand why this might be frustrating to some. If worn on your left, the date often isn’t visible under a cuff, whereas if you’re like me and wear AAA fake Rolex watches on your right, it’s not a problem whatsoever. It’s nice to feel a crown on the back of my hand for a change.

Everything about the watch is almost exactly the same as the regular-flavour 1:1 wholesale Rolex GMT-Master II replica watches. The case, the crystal, the crown, the movement, the bracelets – all the same. Except, it’s kind of not. Essentially, you’re wearing a GMT that’s upside-down, with a different date wheel and dial fitted, and the bracelet ends swapped on either side of the case. The 3285 movement is also identical to all other GMTs, so actually operating the watch is not only on the other side of the case: it’s upside down, too. You still unscrew the crown anti-clockwise, wind the buttery-smooth movement by turning the crown clockwise, then to set the date and time zones you turn the crown in the same directions as the normal GMT. With the crown now sat in the fingers of your left hand, this is somewhat of a strange and backwards experience if you’re right-handed and not used to destro watches. I find myself actually turning the watch upside down to set it, but I am right-handed, so this may well be more of a me problem than anything else.

So we’ve established the quirks about it being an LHD GMT, but that wasn’t all that sparked tendentious debate. The Sprite is fitted with a bi-directional Cerachrom bezel, the same as found on the Pepsi, the Batman, and all other GMTs, but for the first time in green. In a subtle call-back to the black-bezelled 116710LN, it also sports a green GMT hand, but with the dial text printed in white. While it’s a shame it’s not green, I think it’s best to leave the original as it is to stand on its own.

What’s next for the Sprite?

While I am extremely pleased, as you can imagine, that Rolex decided to release a LHD GMT-Master, I do share a slightly more objective view when I look at why the brand chose to go down this route. The Sprite is, in fact, not the first right-handed GMT that Rolex made. In 2018, it surfaced that a LHD Rolex 6542 had been discovered, made its way through to Phillips in Hong Kong, and subsequently sold for HK$2,125,000. The luxury Rolex super clone watches was a fine example of a 1st generation GMT-Master, complete with a bakelite bezel and, indeed, a left-hand crown.

Now, it’s never actually been fully confirmed that Rolex made the watch, and no other has been seen since. However, the convenient introduction of the Sprite could well be a nod to the 6542 unicorn piece, and if I were a betting man, I’d say that was probably as much confirmation that we would need the AAA Rolex replica watches as being a genuine Rolex.

Around 90% of the population is right-handed. Controversial aesthetics aside, the ‘true’ market for this China online Rolex fake watches is indeed relatively small. Yes, left-handed wearers will want it just because it’s green and different, however, it’s unusually different for a Rolex. As a brand, they don’t tend to challenge convention too much and take the safe route. As of right now, there are a total of 12 different GMT-Master II models in the range, across different materials and bracelets. That’s quite a number of similar models, and it’s not like Rolex to let a range get out of hand choice-wise.

Considering its quirks, it seems logical that the Sprite would be a short run of just a few years, and if discontinued, could result in the replica Rolex watches for men becoming quite collectable in time. With the latest hot speculation being a ‘Coke’ GMT-Master returning in a couple of weeks, there’s potentially a shake-up on the way. Could the Sprite be in for the chop instead of the Pepsi, as everyone thinks? Perhaps both? Who knows, but I don’t think the Sprite in its current form will be with us for much longer. Interestingly, to throw a spanner in the works, Rolex very recently changed the history details on their website about the inception of the GMT-Master from 1954 to 1955, thus nudging its 70th anniversary year to next year. The reasons behind this are unclear, but it’s sure to be an interesting period for the GMT-Master II.

Closing thoughts

The Swiss movements Rolex GMT-Master II Sprite replica watches is by far my favourite watch in my collection, looking at it from a personal viewpoint. It feels like it was made for me as a right-wrist-wearer, and it’s great for southpaws to be catered for by a brand like Rolex for a change. I also revel in the fact that not everyone likes it: the debate makes me like it all the more, because it’s almost the antithesis of the hype Rolex pieces we’ve seen over the last few years. I have a real reason to love it, whereas most others could be just pretending to.

More objectively, it is, of course, a fine travel watch. Its iconic GMT complication is practically unmatched, along with its practicality and overall looks. In real life, I can assure you that the appearance is far more balanced than pictures make it out to be, and worn on the right wrist, it makes all the more sense.

Rolex GMT-Master II “Sprite” pricing and availability

The Rolex GMT-Master II “Sprite” is available now. Price: A$17,950 (Oyster), A$18,300 (Jubilee).

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