Comparing The UK Cheap Fake Rolex Submariner Kermit vs. Submariner Hulk Watches: What’s The Difference?

When it comes to green high quality Rolex replica watches, there has always been confusion among the Hulk, Kermit, and Starbucks models. Perhaps, the most significant confusion lies between the Hulk and Kermit models of Rolex. While an experienced watch collector might pick up on the differences between these perfect Rolex fake watches, a new collector or investor may not. Hence, in this article, we provide all the details pertaining to both these watch models by Rolex.

Submariner Kermit vs. Submariner Hulk

Kermit and Hulk are the nicknames given to the best replica Rolex Submariner green bezel watches. The Kermit model reference no. 16610LV was released in 2004 commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Submariner model. This particular watch was produced in 2010 and was then replaced by the Swiss made copy Rolex Submariner Hulk reference no. 116610LV watches.

The Rolex Hulk was the first watch produced by the brand featuring a green bezel and dial. It was introduced as a replacement and improvement over the Kermit watch. Although at first glance you might think these 1:1 UK replica Rolex watches are similar, there are notable differences.

Differences between Rolex Kermit and Rolex Hulk

As mentioned above, a Rolex Hulk and a Rolex Kermit are both variants of the Submariner. These AAA fake Rolex watches were introduced in different time periods and have impacted marketing differently. Therefore, we must understand all those aspects that made a Hulk watch different from Kermit.

The following are the most prominent factors that vary between wholesale replica Rolex Kermit watches and a Rolex Hulk.

    Bezel and dial

    Green tone

    Case of the watch

    Bracelet and clasp

Bezel and dial

Rolex Kermit and Hulk have different bezel materials. China super clone Rolex Submariner reference no. 16610LV [Kermit] watches features a stainless steel bezel while the Hulk features a Cerachrom bezel. The difference between these two bezels is not very evident but can be noticed over a period of time.

Based on tests conducted, a stainless steel bezel is more prone to scratches as compared to a Cerachrom-inserted bezel. Therefore, the durability of the Hulk is improved over the Kermit.

Coming to the dial of the watch is where most people can make a noticeable difference. A Kermit watch features a simple glossy black dial, whereas the Hulk features an emerald green-colored dial.

Green tone

Although both the top Rolex Submariner replica watches feature the color green, there’s still a notable difference. The shade of green featured on a Rolex Hulk is more deep and dark.

On the other hand, a Rolex Kermit has a lighter, lime-green tone on its bezel. Therefore, if you are looking for green Swiss movements Rolex Submariner fake watches, perhaps, the preference comes down to the shade of green you choose.

Case of the watch

Something that most collectors are just learning is that the Hulk looks marginally larger as compared to the Hulk. Although both these models have the exact same diameter, the 2023 replica Rolex Submariner Hulk watches still looks larger in size.

One of the main reasons why the Hulk looks bigger than the Rolex Kermit is because of the use of a special case typically referred to as the Rolex Super Case. This particular watch architecture provides the watch with a much more rugged outlook and also aids in the durability of the watch.

Bracelet and clasp

Yes. The bracelet and clasp designs of Kermit and Hulk are also different. While the Kermit features an Oystersteel bracelet with a standard Oysterlock clasp, the Hulk is equipped with an Oysterlock Safety clasp. It also has something known as the Glidelock extension system, which enables instant adjustment of the bracelet up to 2 mm.

Is the Rolex Submariner Hulk discontinued?

Yes. Rolex Submariner reference no. 116610LV also known as the Hulk, was discontinued in 2020. The best quality Rolex fake watches had maintained a strong streak of success for 10 years, since its launch in 2010. During its time, the Rolex Hulk had great demand only to multiply by a great margin post its discontinuation.

Today, luxury replica Rolex Hulk watches sells for incredibly profitable prices in the secondary market. In the UAE, you can pick up a Rolex Hulk from a well-known pre-owned dealer for prices starting at AED 75,000 and going up to AED 110,000. If you are an avid watch collector and are thinking about buying a stunning watch for your collection, the Rolex Hulk is your best pick.

Should you invest in a Rolex Submariner Kermit?

Absolutely. You must definitely consider buying a Rolex Submariner Kermit if you are thinking of investing in Rolex fake watches shop. It goes without saying that any and every watch made by Rolex showcases the highest standards of luxury watchmaking.

Hence, if you are interested in acquiring a quirky-looking but premium watch, the Rolex Submariner Kermit is a great choice. The reference number of this particular watch is 16610LV.

The Kermit was discontinued in 2010 and has since been available for sale in the pre-owned markets only. A Kermit watch is available for prices varying between AED 70,000 to AED 120,000. Perhaps, if you are interested in buying online replica Rolex Green watches, with a lighter tone, the Kermit is the watch to go for.

Rolex Hulk or Kermit: What’s your choice?

The intent behind buying Rolex fake watches site differs from customer to customer. While some choose these watches as an asset for investment others purely buy them as collector’s pieces. The reason for which you want to buy a watch will determine the best choice for you. Based on the stats so far, the Rolex Hulk watch has performed substantially better than the Rolex Kermit in the pre-owned market.

Therefore, based on your preference, you may choose between the Rolex Hulk or the Kermit model. Also, if you were to ask us our best pick, we would go with the Rolex Submariner Hulk.

The Rolex replica watches for men is not only an upgrade over the Kermit but also features the right tint of green on its bezel and dial. Moreover, the watch is easily recognizable and highly lucrative, considering it as an investment. People from all over the world travel to the UAE to buy luxury watches, hence you should look into this market to find your desired Submariner model.

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