1967 UK AAA Quality Replica Rolex Zephyr Ref. 1008 With Glossy Dial

Calling 34mm vintage uk 1:1 fake Rolex “under-the-radar” or “over-looked” is a bit of a trope at this point but, hey, it’s true. This size has long been looked down upon by collectors of the larger, more serious 39mm and 36mm sport models, but the reality is that this smaller 34mm case size was the workhorse of the Swiss made replica Rolex catalog. Most often we find Oyster Perpetual Date models in this footprint, looking similar to a Datejust and offered in a similarly wide variety of dial and bezel combinations. Of the 34mm Oysters, it is the top super clone Rolex Zephyr that makes a truly recognizable model in this size.

Personally, having not come across very many perfect fake Rolex Zephyr examples before my time here at Hodinkee, when I saw one for sale online, I assumed it was some esoteric, odd-ball ’50s design that didn’t require much of my attention. The first part of that thought might be true but as more and more cross the desk here, I am continually charmed. The design is certainly mid-century but it is not as clearly dated as I once thought. The cross hair dial details and floating lume plots really have a ubiquitous charm in person. Especially with the engine-turned bezel, there is a certain Polerouter feel to the luxury replica Rolex Zephyr and I say that with extreme respect for Genta’s simple UG.

This particular UK aaa quality replica Rolex Zephyr stands out from the rest with a glossy black dial as opposed to the more commonly found silver variant. Calling back to gilt sport models, the dial finish here leans the Zephyr more towards sporty than dress. If there is any Swiss movement fake Rolex that toes this line to perfection, it would be the Zephyr.

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