Hands-on Swiss Made Fake Rolex Yacht-Master Ref. 16622 UK Online

In the 1990s, perfect UK sale fake Rolex also added a completely new model to the line-up with the Yacht-Master. The first Yacht-Master that was introduced was the full yellow gold ref. 16628. When it was introduced in 1992, it was Swiss made fake Rolex’s first sports watch dedicated to yachting. But the AAA high-quality replica Rolex Yacht-Master name goes back a lot longer than that. In the late 1960s, Rolex replica developed a small number of prototypes — there are only two known pieces in existence owned by Eric Clapton and John Goldberger — that explored the possibility of expanding Rolex’s line of nautical-themed watches. The results looked very much like a bigger Daytona rather than a diver’s inspired watch. But Rolex did not decide to go forward with it.

Fast forward to the late 1980s, and that’s where the story starts off for the supposed modern update of the Submariner. While it has never been officially confirmed, the story goes that best replica Rolex wanted to update the design of the Submariner, and after many different designs, the watch we now know as the Yacht-Master came out on top. But Rolex replica also did not want to squander the legacy of its famous diver. So the brand decided not to replace the Submariner but introduce the Yacht-Master as a new luxury version of the Submariner that you would not use underwater but on the water. How to set it apart from the Submariner? Introduce a full yellow gold version first, so people know it’s something truly different.

Monochromatic brilliance

In 1999 Rolex replica introduced the 40mm stainless steel and platinum version of the perfect replica Rolex Yacht-Master ref. 16622. Rolex referred to this stainless steel and platinum combo as Rolesium. Its rather monochromatic looks made it look unique in the Swiss made fake Rolex line-up. While many find the model lacks overall contrast, there definitely is magic to its looks. The platinum bezel with its raised markers looks and feels very nice because it adds texture. Additionally, the platinum dial looks amazing in natural sunlight, as Robert-Jan explained in an article about his Yacht-Master ref. 16622. Inside the case, Rolex equipped the watch with the Caliber 3135 from the Submariner. The iconic movement operates at 28.800vph, has 31 jewels and a power reserve of 48 hours. Finally, Rolex fit the watch with a triple-lock crown, and it was water-resistant up to 100m/330ft.

The funny thing about this steel and platinum Yacht-Master is that it’s divisive. Not everyone loves it, or its looks, and I get that. But what is funny is that this is the one version that everyone knows as the Yacht-Master because it’s the one version that stands out as being unique compared to all the other Rolex sports replica watches. I could have also picked the full gold version as it was the first official Yacht-Master. If you can rock that on the wrist, more power to you! But this steel and platinum version is my pick because it looks unique, is an absolute joy to wear, and brings a bit of magic time and again with that special dial. On top of that, prices are between €8K–€10K and compared to some of the other available classic Rolex watches, that is very affordable.

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