Best UK Rolex Replica Label Noir Special Edition Watches Online Sale

When seeing this Rolex Daytona with skeleton dial, majority watch lovers will feel surprised. Rolex is always well known for the stability and conservatism and it even never manufactures the models with transparent back to show the movement.

The skeleton dial allows the timepiece to enjoy the movement.
Black Ceramic Bezel Fake Rolex

In fact, this watch is modified by Label Noir which was created in 2011. The concept is “Creative luxury dedicated to the arts of personalization”. This Daytona special edition is developed on basis of the discontinued ref. 116520. However, inside of this watch is the extraordinary Cal. 4130, providing 72 hours power reserve.

The black sub dials are contrasted to the white dial.
Black Sub-Dials Replica Rolex Daytona

Label Noir creates the watches for customers according to their requirements. So we also have the opportunity to see the models of Rolex equipped with complicated functions. For example, this Rolex knockoff online with steel bracelet is also modified by Label Noir.

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