Perfect Swiss Rolex Daytona Fake Watches UK Has A Key Cameo In The New ‘Beverly Hills Cop’

Legacy film sequels can be tough to pull off. They’re usually over-reliant on nostalgic references and struggle to capture the magic of their often superior predecessors decades later in a changed cultural landscape.

Netflix’s Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, the fourth installment in the iconic 1980s action-comedy franchise and the first in 30 years, manages to largely avoid these pitfalls to craft an entertaining and worthy sequel that’s able to balance its nostalgia with modern movie tastes in a way that doesn’t feel hamfisted.

When I watched the latest Beverly Hills Cop movie over the July 4 holiday, two things surprised me. First was how much I enjoyed it as a fan of the original. Second was the important role Rolex replica watches for sale played in representing the characters of the film.

Movie spoilers to follow.

The Daytona As a Symbol of Corruption

In the film, Axel Foley travels from his home city of Detroit back to Beverly Hills where he teams with his estranged daughter, a criminal defense lawyer, in investigating the death of a cop.

Their suspicion is that crooked Beverly Hills cops tied to a Mexican drug cartel were involved in the slaying, and their suspicions lead them to Captain Grant of the Beverly Hills PD, portrayed by franchise newcomer Kevin Bacon.

In a pivotal scene at the end of the first act, the father-daughter team confront Grant at an upscale private club, where the police captain’s choice of UK AAA Rolex fake watches confirms Axel’s suspicions about his corruption.

During the scene, Grant complains to Foley that cops don’t get enough recognition or respect.

“We put our lives on the line every day. It’s a war out there. We deserve more,” Grant says.

“Like that cheap Rolex copy watches you got on,” Foley replies.

Grant smiles and proudly flashes his luxury replica Rolex watches.

“Gold Daytona,” he says. “Isn’t she a beauty?”

In the next scene, Foley brings up the Swiss movements fake Rolex Daytona watches as proof of Grant’s corruption:

“$1,000 shoes, top Rolex super clone watches… Come on now, I’ve seen crooked cops before but this guy is f—king next level.”

We don’t get a great look at Grant’s Rolex in the scene, but he says himself it’s a gold best China Rolex Daytona replica watches, which narrows down which exact model it could be. I can also tell from the scene that the watch’s bezel is gold rather than ceramic, it has a dark-colored dial with gold subdials, and it’s on a gold oyster bracelet.

My best guess is the replica Rolex watches for men is a yellow gold Daytona reference 126508, which is part of Rolex’s current catalog and has an SRP of $41,200. But like many new Rolex models, the watch’s secondary market value is even higher, often exceeding $50,000 — pretty pricey for a cop.

An Everyman Watch for Foley

While the Daytona is the only watch that’s mentioned by name in the film, it’s not the only timepiece to appear and shed light on who these characters really are.

Axel Foley also wears 2024 1:1 replica Rolex watches throughout the movie, and just as Grant’s expensive Rolex provides a visual representation of his corruption, Foley’s watch clues the viewer into the character’s loyalty, honesty and blue-collar roots.

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